About Us

               We are a small family of three and we all play an important role in the daily maintenance of our kennel. Ember is our very precious two year old daughter. We cannot begin to express how thankful we are that Ember is getting the opportunity to grow up surrounded by Australian Shepherds as her dad did and his dad before him. She does a fantastic job helping us socialize them to children. She of course is already learning about responsibilities as a pet owner. Every night she helps fill dog bowls and she accompanies myself to vet appointments. Luke is a full time worker and part time student. In 2018 he earned his bachelor's in Health, Physical Education and Recreation. He is currently working towards a Physical Therapy degree. Our kennel would not be functional without his hard work and creativity. He put up our seven foot tall quarter acre dog fence with minimal assistance from others. He upkeeps our property and is always brainstorming ways to improve our dogs living conditions. Luke enjoys anything outdoors and dreams of having an Australian Shepherd one day that he can take on hunting trips with him like his late dog Camo. My name is Sunny. When I am not working my full time job I am usually taking care of Ember and the dogs during the day. I do most of the paperwork, social media posting and communicating with our Brush Creek family. None of us could do this without each other. Just like every family our family is not perfect but our dogs mean the world to us and we are united in keeping this breed true to breed standard and bred in a purposeful way.

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Located outside of Stillwater, Oklahoma


Email: sonyamaeroberts@gmail.com or brushcreekaussies@gmail.com

Phone: (405) 880-6337



Email: lukemoorman13@gmail.com


Facebook: www.facebook.com/brushcreekaussies